How can I pay?
In order to confirm the tour we would need the name of the hotel you will be staying at and a Euro 50 deposit to be paid following our request through Paypal while the remaining amount can be paid cash or credit card at the end of the tour.

What is your cancellation policy?
The deposit, minus PayPal fee, only refundable if tour is cancelled 14 days prior to scheduled tour date.

How many people are there on a tour?
Our tours are private and customizable, from 1 person up to 6/7. We are not a travel agency; we can only organize private guided tours.

Do I need to make reservations for the museums?
Reservations for the different museums will be made by us on your behalf and will be paid directly at the museum when you purchase the ticket.

Can I combine the tours?
Combination of tours is possible and if you buy more then one tour we offer 10% discount of both tours.

In which days is the tour available?
Every day, rain or shin, please consider that State Museums like the Academy Gallery and the Uffizi Gallery are closed on Monday.

At what time?
We can meet you at your hotel if in the city centre or in front of the Savoy hotel in piazza Repubblica, if you arrive by train we can meet you in front of the pharmacy inside the train station of Santa Maria Novella opposite track number 16, if you will arrive with a private driver we can arrange a specific meeting point suitable for you.

How long last the tour?
Our tours are private and customizable, in our website you can find a lot of possible tours and ideas with detailed descriptions, in general we organize half day tours 3 hours long and full day tours, 6 hours long not including lunch break, but we can always adjust it to your wishes.

Are there discounts?
If you buy more then one tour we give you 10% discount and we offer family discount.

It is possible to enter inside the Cathedral?
I am afraid that entering the Duomo/Cathedral is impossible as there are long long lines. We would tell you about it from the outside and if the line is not too long we would love to show you the inside.

It the Duomo complex ticket valid to enter the Cathedral?
Unfortunately buying the Duomo complex ticket will not enable us to enter the church skipping the line…
The best is to go before it closes and the line is normally a little shorter
The ticket will enable you to enter the Baptistery and visit the beautiful Grande Museo del Duomo definitely worth seeing.
Access rules: Access to the Cathedral is allowed only if equipped with appropriate clothing: entry with shorts, bare shoulders, sandals, hats and sunglasses is prohibited. Access to the Dome, the Bell Tower and the Museum is not allowed with bulky bags and backpacks. The cloakroom service is located at the museum ticket office.

It is possible to climb the Dome?
Should you be interested in climbing the Dome,  on your own, as you will need a reservation here is the link. We will not be climbing the Dome during our tours.

It possible to enter the Academy Gallery or the Uffizi Gallery with bags or backpacks?
It is possible to enter with bags but not with backpacks, bottles of water up to 50 ml.

It possible to take pictures inside state museums?
Yes, but without flash.

Are passports required to enter museums?
Only for under 18 year old people to get the ticktet’s reduction.

Are earphones mandatory inside museums?
Yes, but only over 7 people and we will take care of it and you can pay for them to the earphones rental company while in Florence.